KiO's has won the 2017  "MBA Excellence in housing award" for our Mosman project below.


Competition was high this year as $875,000,000 worth of work was presented for judging to the MBA.


We would like to thank our Clients the Petersen family for their support throughout the project and for allowing us to enter the awards with their beautiful home.


Our architect Timothy Moon for his amazing design and management of the project, and all the members of team KIO for the dedication and attention to detail that has now been acknowledged by this prestigious award. 



KIO's current renovation project (2014 - 2016) in Mosman NSW is well underway.


This existing home has a "New England" style which our clients have enjoyed from the original design, we are embracing this original style and will be complimenting it throughout the new renovation.  Our scope of works includes a 110 m2 post tensioned concrete 1st floor slab to allow an unrestricted ground floor open plan living area, this accompanied with sliding stacker doors which park into recessed door boxes will provide a fully integrated indoor/outdoor experience.


Standing seam Copper cladding will be included around the perimeter skirt/awning to the rear of the house, with a copper clad roof turret and studio verandah.


The use of sandstone wall capping and base blocks to sit the verandah post's upon wil give a fully grounded look to compliment the local vernacular.


The existing pool deck area will be extended and the pool will be renovated to include a new basement area.


Excavation under the existing garage will allow for a new studio and ensuite for guest accomodation.



KIO's latest project has now started, it is located in Mosman (2012) NSW, we are constructing a new awning and verandah walkway linking the main residence to the studio and garage areas, designed by Timothy Moon Architects. All materials used are recycled which mainly include ironbark and spotted gum. The walkway timbers are all exposed and only a clear timber preservative will be used. We are using  300x300 posts, 300x75 verandah beams,300x45 ridge/pitching plates and 240x45 rafters. Our gallery will keep you up to date with our progress...


KIO has commenced a new project in Palm Beach (2013) which is due for a Jan completion, this will include standing seam pre weathered Zinc boxed ocean front windows, a Zinc feature wall with a zinc corbel capping around the perimeter of the house. This blended  with a new Sandstone and Zinc awning entranceway will give the residence a seamless grounding with its surroundings....